IPad or Laptop for business?

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I want to make a purchase for my real estate businesses (investing and sales).  I'm debating on getting a new laptop or an IPad.  I have a laptop at home that we use like a desktop.  It's a family computer that myself, my wife, and two kids use.  Now I want to get something that is just mine that will be used for business (mostly).  

I'm leaning toward the IPad.  I can add a line to my current Verizon plan and upgrade to unlimited data, and it only makes a few dollar a month difference on my bill.  I will have to pay $340 upfront for the IPad.  I'd also get a bluetooth keyboard to make typing easier.

What is your preference to use in your business?  I'm sure there are pros and cons for both, so I'd like to hear opinions from the people that are using them.

@Shaun R. , if you were to get a laptop, what models do you have in mind? There are some very nice and capable iPads available, however for business I prefer a laptop and here's why:

-Screen size: I prefer a larger screen than is available on most ipads. It allows me to split screen two applications and still see each clearly (such as MLS and gmail, or excel) so I can refer to one while typing in the other. I'm the type of person that would also do a 2nd monitor for my home laptop setup, obviously for on the go that's not feasible.

-Customization: I chose the specs that were important to me when I ordered my laptop. SSD, Memory, Graphics card etc that way I am confident it will suit my needs. I shoot and edit drone videos myself so having something powerful enough to do that was important.

-Keyboard: As you said, bluetooth keyboards are a thing so this is less of a differentiation lately, but I absolutely would not rely on a touch screen only for business usage.

-Ports: Generally (someone correct me if I'm off on this) you'll have more port options on a laptop than an iPad.  HDMI, SD, multiple USB ports etc.

You take a small hit on portability for a laptop vs ipad, but there are some very slim and portable laptops available. 

Cost:  Generally speaking laptops will cost more. Any laptop with what I consider decent specs will most certainly cost more than an iPad.

I spent my first (referral) commission on this laptop I am typing on. It's an HP Spectre X360 15 inch with quite a bit of storage and memory. I definitely don't regret the purchase and have gotten great usage out of it. If you are an Apple person then the Macbooks are quite capable as well. I was also looking at the Lenovo Yoga and the Dell XPS line, all are very solid options. Most of the newer laptops these days are "convertible" meaning they can be folded open the whole way and used as a tablet. I also use mine in "tent" mode to show videos at open houses and such, works great. Some laptops such as the Surface Pro have the ability for the screen to disconnect and serve as a tablet. So you can have the power of a laptop with the portability of a table (albeit a larger screen if you choose to get one).

At the end of the day, it depends on exactly what you are doing with it. If it's for appointments only and you will be storing some PDFs and info on it, basic web searching etc, I'd go with the iPad, then at home or office I'd utilize the laptop or desktop to do the real work. I would definitely have a dedicated device for real estate though. You won't have to worry as much about the family accidentally deleting documents or hogging it.

I love my Microsoft Surface. My Surface Pro 2 is five years old or more and it is still incredibly fast. With a Bluetooth mouse and auxiliary monitor it seems like a desktop computer. I will never buy a "real" computer again, just another Surface. It is very nice for filling out and signing documents on the go.

Get a thin laptop. It’s more productive than a tablet. I personally love the surface books and the MacBooks. Two of the best laptops out excluding the razer since it’s a gaming laptop. 

If you are going to be keeping most things in the cloud, you might want to look into a Chromebook. Personally, I have always preferred a laptop over a tablet

After giving it some thought, I decided I mainly want something I can use easily in the field for now... for sales and investing.  I ended up adding an ipad to my cellular plan for now.  I do want to upgrade my home computer though and have the capability to use multiple monitors.

I’ve been thinking about picking up a Chromebook to use in the office and on the road. I use Google Drive a fair amount (not nearly as proficient as I would like to be yet) so that seems to fit. Anyone have any experience with these?

@Craig Garrow

A chromebook is very cheap and if you use Drive (I do) it can be very effective. 

I use a macbook i have had for years, but can't see a chromebook being a bad option for the price 

@Steve Bracero I’ve been looking at some of the Lenovo models - I think that’s the way I am going to go. Thanks!

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