Hello BP friends!

I am looking for some advice from anyone who has been in my shoes before.

About a month ago, I started as a real estate agent for a very successful commercial broker with over 31 years of experience. Including myself, there are only two of us agents underneath him. This broker is incredibly knowledgeable and talented at what he does which means he is a very busy guy. He doesn't do any marketing as far as I'm aware because he's built such a strong clientele over the years.  

In getting started, I'm looking for some guidance on how to acquire listings and clients. My first couple of weeks on the job I cold called businesses in the area which seemed to be very ineffective and time consuming.

After that, I decided to spend the majority of my time going to local businesses and passing out fliers. I got a much better response and I felt like this was a pretty good way to make connections and get my name out there. I already found 2 small businesses that want me to help them find a new space to lease. My question to the people of the BP community...What other ways can I build connections and find clients to represent other than simply knocking on doors?

I appreciate any advice! Thank you!