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As I have read in the Georgia regulations, a unlicensed assistant is allowed to do. They are specifically prohibited from cold calling for prospects. They even go to the extreme of saying even a telemarketer must have a license to cold call. My question to the forum is: If a licensed person has already established contact with a potential customer, then an assistant can make follow up calls to gather additional information from the prospects, as it is no longer a cold call. Thoughts??? Seems clear to me, but other views are appreciated.

I believe Federal law supersedes state..

each state has different rules of conduct for licensee's and non licensee's.. in the 3 states I am licensed in .. non licensed folks simply cannot talk price or numbers... they can do paper work send docusigns  set appointments etc.  your state maybe different.. just talk to the state.. if you ask here your going to get 49 different opinions.. when the one that matters is your state.

As @Jay Hinrichs has stated, each state will have different rules/laws. You'd be best served to contact your state's real estate department and get the facts directly from the horse's mouth on this one.

We are pretty much the same as @Jay Hinrichs mentions. An unlicensed assistant cannot perform any brokerage duties. They can read specs off a sheet such as sq footage, etc,  but cannot perform any duties such as showings, etc. 

Yep, I guess my question is quiet specific. I was just curious if someone had gone down this road in Georgia.

@Tony Gunter I am a Realtor in GA. I don't have an assistant, but during new agent onboarding at my brokerage they put heavy emphasis on unlicensed persons performing licensee duties. From my understanding, anyone unlicensed in GA can only perform administrative duties (i.e., data entry, paper pushing, miscellaneous office tasks, etc.). They can't discuss sales, numbers, nor can they show property. In my office I've never seen an assistant speaking with clients directly, phone or otherwise. I'd err on the side of caution for sure. 

@Katie Deskins

Thanks Katie.

My question was more about follow up things, after the initial contact has been made and the contact has crossed the threshold from being a "cold call" to someone that has "Opted In". Things such as gathering details such as payoff, who the loan is with, setting an appointment for an agent to visit. Mainly, the minutia part of the process that is often not the most productive expenditure of time for an agent. 

There are other ways to deal with this, but it never hurts to ask around for other's opinions.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

You can never ask clients about their financial information without a license and I doubt Georgia would let you set appointments by phone.You should call or visit the local board of Realtors office in your area and ask what specifically will Georgia allow an unlicensed assistant to do.I will tell you now,it’s going to be a short list to protect the general public.

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