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Hello all, I am in the process of picking my managing broker. I was wondering when do you recommend a new agent to make their own website? Also, what are the must haves an agent needs in their own website? I have seen so many different styles I want to have an idea of what gets the most exposure. Also, if anyone can recommend a web designer that would be great as well. Thanks! Adeel

Most brokers offer a paid web site to newbies as part of their brokerage. so I wouldn't spend any  money on your own befure you find out which broker you are with and what they offer you. 

Lots of things to do to start - know your market, see a lot of houses, let everyone know you are an agent now. Figure out a plan on how you will attract clients.  Best of luck  It is a rewarding career once you get established.  Lots of work! 

Suggest you log on ActiveRain asking same question. Most will show you and share their tricks. My take it have your own domains ASAP. 

@Adeel Makda I would get your OWN website, regardless of what your new broker provides.  You need to think about building your own brand, not your broker's. 

Brokers come and go.  No matter who you choose to work with, you might eventually want to go out on your own or to work elsewhere.  By building your own website, Facebook page, Twitter presence, etc, you'll be in a much better position to do so.

KW offers you a free site and you can get it the day you join

Hold out until you find which Broker you are going with. Like the others said, most brokers will offer free or discounted websites. 

HOWEVER, something you can do today is go out and find a domain name (or multiple) that fits your business. You can also start on the content creation process (writing blogs, about me section, etc.) while you are waiting on where you are going to land. 

Good luck! 

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