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Hello All

I was just recently licensed in November of this year. I've talked to some people but nothing is sticking so far. I've reached out to FSBO but they usually turn their noses up when you say '' realtor'' . I've also sent out direct mail with no responses so far. I was just wondering if anyone had an tips to help my business.


Hi congrats on getting your license! Quick question...are you reaching out to people and sending direct mail to investor type properties or your typical buy and sell home? I got my license about 4 years ago in November as well and the first thing I did was join a team that offered leads and training. I focused on those 2 things hard core my first year and it went very well. Direct mail has a very low response rate the 1st time you do it and have to do it many times to start to see the higher responses. FSBO are also kind of tricky so it might be a good idea as a new agent to really focus on education and finding a way to get leads from someone spending the moula to get them. Will be a larger cut on your sales commission but it is paid training as far as I am concerned and dues you pay to learn the biz! I made a ver good living my first year doing this and it has only expanded from there! Maybe google different real estate terms in your area and if you see the same people popping up over and over, you can bet they are paying for leads and might be worth reaching out to learn more about their team/brokerage! Let me know if you have any questions.

well i've been talking to investors on linkedin. As far as mail it been directly to residential homes for buyers or sellers. 

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