Moving License to Another State

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It looks like, within next 3 years, my family and I will make the move from PA to FL. FL doesn’t currently have a mutual agreement with PA as far as Realtors licensing goes, and I can’t get my GA license (PA & FL both recognize GA as a mutual state) to sort of circumvent going through the whole coursework and exams again in FL. I came across “Real” brokerage that advertises you have the ability to conduct business in multiple states as long as you have a valid license in one of the states they have a brokerage license (FL & PA are both on their list). Is anyone familiar with this brokerage or even hang their license with them that could give me more info? Perhaps someone has some advice as far as how I can transfer my license to FL from PA that I haven’t thought of or identified?

Seems interesting.

I have never heard of that before. 

Hey Brian,

Have you tried calling the board of realtors in FL?  I moved from TN to UT and there is no reciprocity so I would have to take the coursework and exams here in UT, but at least I was able to plan in advance.  Best of luck!

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