What Real Estate Training Program Should I Go Through? - Florida

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My business partner and I have finished one flip and we are consulting with a PML and working on two deals with him at the moment. I would like to get my Real Estate licence in order to make sure we can begin property managing legally. Does anyone have any advice as to which course I should take and/or what company to go through so I am prepared for the state exam? I have been trying to research and figured an agent would be the most help. Thank you in advance!

- Alton

hey @Alton Shady there are multiple great schools you go to either online or  in person. however something to consider in the state of Florida is that you are required to hold a brokers license to manage property. 

so you have two options, hire one or get yours.

its very expensive to have a "Rent a Broker"  to start a PM company. your other option is to get your license which consists of a 63 hour state course(60 hr class 3 hour class exam) + 3 hour state exam then hang your RE license with a brokerage for 2 years then complete your post 45 hour state course (42hr class + 3 hr exam) then go onto take your 72 hr brokers state course then you can begin the expensive process of opening a property management company. hope this helps!

Larsen Education is top notch. I just took my brokers class through them and passed the state on my first try.

You need to take the sales associate exam. 

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