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Hi, I am have about 6 months until I am able to start the process on getting my Real Estate License! What should I start studying to give me a edge? The market? Well how can I? Study websites like Zillow??? Scripts?? Thank you, John D

Hey @John D. Have you taken all the classes? Why are you waiting 6 months? 

You can certainly start studying all the things you mentioned, but they won't help you with the test. Knowledge is important, learning about the market, learning how to talk to buyers and sellers, negotiating, and so on. However, you have to keep in mind that you are starting a business. Marketing is the most important skill to learn to give yourself an edge. You need to be able to demonstrate what makes you different than every other agent out there and how you create value for your clients. 

I am currently 17 years of age, Can I start taking the classes now?

And how will I go about studying the things I mentioned??

Anything material you can reference for me? Thanks!

Hi @John D. ,

My recommendation is to go to every Open House you can find. This will help you to find out what money gets you in your market (Won't help you with your test but once that's done it is done and knowing the market really makes a difference).  Then start trying to price properties yourself and see how far off you are.

@Mike Cumbie I will do so from this day forward. Now Is it possible to take the courses ahead of time and then take the test as soon as I become 18? 

I'm not sure with California. I honestly didn't pay much attention even in NY. My gut says that you can take the course now and the test when you turn 18 but don't quote me. I wouldn't recommend studying the test stuff too much right now because the class has to be like 75 hours (a guess) and really there is only 35 hours worth of material. Since you are fresh out of school you are going to get it and start understanding it anyway. So studying now is just going to have you know it and be bored. I say learn your market that will serve your time better and you will meet plenty of agents while at the opens.

Good Luck!

@John D. Start studying ASAP. Look up course providers and see if there is an age restriction.

In regards to learning the other stuff. Go onto Zillow, Redfin, or and start looking at active and sold listings in your market. Go to open houses and talk to the agents holding them open. Most agents I know would be happy to talk to someone, especially if the open house is slow. Start reading books and listening to podcasts related to business and marketing. Keep networking and learning about investing here on BP.

Thank you! I will take action!!

Hey John,

Congratulations on selecting a path in your career early on. Here in GA, you are able to register and take classes even if you are not 18 but just not able to take the State exam until you turn 18. I would recommend calling the school you wish to attend and inquire.

Good luck on your journey!

To give you my thoughts I will need to know what you hope to accomplish. Do you want to know how to pass the test to get your licence or to be a successful Real Estate sales agent?

@John D. I recently competed all the coursework and am currently studying to take the exam as well! My application should be processed any day now so I'm planning on taking the exam mid-January. I'll let you know if the prep programs I used were effective (once I pass!). I'm in Sacramento. 

Have you read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller? If not, I'd highly recommend it. 

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