Becoming a RE Broker & Access to MLS in Florida?

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I held my RE associate license for 2 years, and now I qualified for the broker license. Because I've only have used my license to invest, I personally never needed direct MLS access. I currently have my license with a broker that charges me $195 per transaction on the buyer side with no support, which is perfect for me.

The main reason I want the broker license is to list my own properties.

In order to have MLS access as a broker in Miami, Fl, do I need to be part of local association or do I need to be part of both local and the NAR?

I went to the local association of Miami website, and all I could find is the fees structures, but not if it's required.


Most likely you will, but don't quote me. I am on the RAPB board which also covers Miami-Dade and I have to be a part of NAR, FAR. Also, something to note, brokers pay a bit more in dues than sales associates for the same benefits (at least on the 2 boards I am on). This is one reason why I did not pursue my broker license and also I did not want any additional liability that goes with it. I'd rather have my license under a broker. I can do what I need to do as far as listing properties. I am also with a company that only charges a transaction fee, so for me it is a win-win.

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