Calling STOCKTON Real Estate Agents (Nearby Cities as well)

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Hello My Name Is John, I am 17 Years of Age and am aspiring to become a real estate agent in the San Joaquin County. I have been telling people I want to become a Real estate Agent, and people have been discouraging. Saying the market in Stockton is terrible, You aren’t going to amount to anything if you go down that road, etc.. I don’t know, Maybe it is all bogus but it is somewhat chilling. I am posting today to ask Real Estate Agents that know this market if I should worry or choose a different path.. Thank you!

Who cares what people think...

But I personally think you might be a little young. Get some experience with a main job and do RE as a side hustle.

I know that when I started my first biz, people always mentioned that I looked very young to be in that specific field.

Your mileage may vary.

The market is always changing. I became an agent when the market bottomed. It's been a good ride up, not easy in any way, but business is good when the market is trending up. I am well aware that the market is due for a correction in the coming years.

I got the same feedback from people before I became an agent. It didn't occur to me at the time, but most of the people that were telling me I shouldn't become an agent were w-2 employees, risk adverse, and knew nothing about the business. 

Go talk to every broker in your area and learn more about the business. Talk to top producing agents and new agents and get their insights and opinions on the business and where the market is headed. 

Real estate is always being bought and sold, regardless of the market conditions. With determination, grit and perseverance you can be successful in any market.

Hi John, I am real estate broker here in Stockton. I became a real estate agent in the worst possible market, 2008. It turned out to be an invaluable learning experience which has helped me in my career.
You can be successful in a down market or up market. Done worry what other Les are telling you. If you love it then do it.
Let me know if you want to chat more about the career or the local market. My door is always open.

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