Buyers PreQualified, But Want Down Payment Assistance

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Hello BP Community!

I am a brand new agent, have some experience in and around the industry, but I just have to throw this idea out before sharing with my clients.

They have been approved for a healthy conventional loan, 3% down, but the house they want is at the top of their price range. The market in Atlanta is a little inflated right now, so everything will cost a lot, but they don't want to max out on their budget in case anything goes wrong...which...Murphy's Law. 

I told them about some of the Down Payment Programs and they would qualify for at least 5 of them. Only thing is, they would have to go through a different lender, because their existing lender has no affiliation whatsoever with any of the programs. 

Would it make sense for them to change lenders? Would it be in their best interest to wait on the Down Payment Programs to approve them and for them to go through that process, even though there is a home they want right now?

Looking for another perspective. Thank you!


If your client is agree you can work with other lender to see if they qualified for DPA program. DPA program has lot of restriction also which may be not right choice for them. Compare both lender preseantion and see if it makes sense to go with DPA program.  

Home ready has lower MI option and lower interest rate which can give them more room for little higher price homes. 

LPMI can give them also more buying power for higher price home. 

Again all depend which one is good option for them.

It might not make sense. I have worked with buyers who have to pay a higher interest rate for a down payment assistance product and they couldn't qualify because of the higher monthly rates. Check to see if they have the credit score and can make the additional payment. Also see if they have some one who can gift them the money or another mortgage insurance product that may be cheaper and/or expire after a number of years/equity build up compared to FHA.