Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Bucks County, Pa

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I am looking  for a real estate agent  in the bucks county area to help me buy my first duplex or triplex

I would be happy to provide you with any information on rentals in Bucks County. I grew up in Levittown and live in Fairlees Hills so I am very familiar with the area. Unfortunately there aren’t many duplexes or tri-plexes in the immediate area outside of the city. Bristol Boro may have a few from time to time. Pm me with any questions or details with exactly what you are looking to accomplish. 

Tim, I'll tell ya, we own about 15 properties in Bucks County, only one of them is a duplex. You really won't find them too often in much of the county as it's pretty low density. Maybe some of the boroughs, but the affordable boroughs tend have hefty taxes as a percent of value.

I wish it were different but they just aren’t out there. I work with an investor who has success in Northeast Philadelphia multi-families but not Bucks County.  Are your single families centralized in one area of Bucks or spread out?  

Most are townhomes & condos in Newtown, a couple in Holland & New Hope, the duplex is in Yardley. 

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