In The Process of Getting My RE License

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It has been months since I have last posted.  What a transition its been so far in my new city of Phoenix AZ. I arrived 6 months ago and have purchased a Condo for myself and 2 other roommates who help me chunk down my mortgage. Now I am working on obtaining my RE license to transition full time into the Real Estate Industry. My new job that I obtained here is OK but I love Real Estate and have always wanted my license. My exam will be in February, bring it on ha! 

I also own a duplex back home in WI.  It cashflows nicely and I have family back home helping put out fires if any arise lol.  Thanks for reading, if you are an Agent in Arizona, I would love to connect!

Cody Barrett 

Cody Barrett, R.C Property Solutions, LLC | [email protected] | 6026476853

Best of luck man!

Glad to hear you are being smart and keeping your expenses low. The best thing you can do to help you succeed in a new business is have low overhead and a high drive for success! | MN Agent # 40542303

Nice, thank you Jordan! I appreciate that feedback! I will definitely take all the luck I can get!  Classes have been informative.  Can't wait to start building up leads. 

Cody Barrett, R.C Property Solutions, LLC | [email protected] | 6026476853

@Cody Barrett

Nice man! 

Once you pass you can look into where you want to hang your license. 

Rock on, Cody!!!

Thanks guys! Ended 2 more chapters today, knock another 8 hours off the 90 needed lol... 

Cody Barrett, R.C Property Solutions, LLC | [email protected] | 6026476853

I just passed my exam in Indiana a few weeks ago! The online classes sucked while I was grinding through them but I can look back now and say it was all worth it, good luck to you and get out there and start interviewing with some firms!