In The Process of Getting My RE License

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It has been months since I have last posted.  What a transition its been so far in my new city of Phoenix AZ. I arrived 6 months ago and have purchased a Condo for myself and 2 other roommates who help me chunk down my mortgage. Now I am working on obtaining my RE license to transition full time into the Real Estate Industry. My new job that I obtained here is OK but I love Real Estate and have always wanted my license. My exam will be in February, bring it on ha! 

I also own a duplex back home in WI.  It cashflows nicely and I have family back home helping put out fires if any arise lol.  Thanks for reading, if you are an Agent in Arizona, I would love to connect!

Cody Barrett 

Best of luck man!

Glad to hear you are being smart and keeping your expenses low. The best thing you can do to help you succeed in a new business is have low overhead and a high drive for success!

I just passed my exam in Indiana a few weeks ago! The online classes sucked while I was grinding through them but I can look back now and say it was all worth it, good luck to you and get out there and start interviewing with some firms!

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