Preparing to Test for a Salesperson

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Hello BP family, I am preparing to take my salesperson test to become licensed. Are there any supplements that would help me prepare and better understand the material in lamest terms? Thanks, Candice

Make flashcards of all the key terms and you'll be good!

I just studied what I learned in the classes and kept reviewing the books.  Don't overthink it!

Use prep agent!! It was a lifesaver for me. I just passed my first attempt a few weeks ago. 

Prep Agent gives you practice questions very similar to what you get on the actual exam and it helped me out tremendously. Also just nail the vocabulary into your brain until you know it like the back of your hand. Good luck!

@Candice Brown

It was almost the easiest exam I have ever taken in my entire life. If you paid attention and did your part with homework and studying you should be fine. Many people undervalue the common sense element to this test also. If something in the question sounds unethical or wrong 99.99999% chance it is. Go with instinct. As far as discrimination laws and stuff, its a matter of memorization. State specific portion was a bit harder, but 99% memorization.  

Dont think about it or worry just go in cool calm and collected and then CRUSH IT

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