Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent in Northwest Indiana (NWI)?

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Hello! We are finally ready to pull the trigger and invest in our first real estate rental property in Northwest Indiana. We have been searching online for an investor-friendly agent in the area with no luck. Does anyone have some recommendations? Thanks so much!!

You should contact @Dan G. . He is close to you in Lake Station and not only is he investor friendly, he is an investor too.  Good luck.

Hello @Royal Clark , I am an agent in Northwest Indiana and have worked with investors.  I'd be happy to see if my service and knowledge will exceed your needs!  

@Jay Hinrichs thank you for the mention.

@Royal Clark I would contact either @Adrien S. or @Dan G. Both are investors and investor-friendly agents.

What areas are you looking to purchase properties in? We bought 5 houses this month and may be open to selling some of them. One of them is 4 bed/2 bath with 2 car garage and 5 mins walk to Purdue.

Hello and thank you so much everyone for your responses and recommendations! @Sharad M. we are looking to purchase around the Merrillville area

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