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I am brand new to real estate investing and am looking to get my feet wet by meeting some real estate agents in the Orlando area. I would prefer a real estate agent who does buy and hold investing themselves. Currently I am in Altamonte Springs and work in Longwood but am open to looking farther outside of those areas. I am interested in small multi-family homes. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!
@Jessica Wicker While I may not have the personal experience (yet) with buy and hold investments, I believe I could be of great assistance beginning in the coming weeks as a new real estate agent. I'll be taking my FL real estate exam in the next two weeks and will be hanging my license with a broker immediately. So while I don't have the personal experience with my own buy and hold portfolio yet, I am working toward building a portfolio in the near future myself and am aware of many of the aspects that an investor would be interested in. What I do have already, is an incredibly deep knowledge dating back 30 years of the Altamonte, Apopka and surrounding areas. I grew up in Altamonte Springs (1987-2004) near Bear Lake Rd and have lived in Apopka since 2007. I remember when the Target and Walmart plazas at 434 and 436 were an Orange Juice and boat factory with rail cars in and out all day. Now the old railbed is a bike trail and two retail giants profit far more than making oj and boats. Talk about a "highest and best use" play! I've built and grown a successful service business with customers throughout the area for over a decade and have great relationships with many long time regular customers who will be my initial points of networking in the community. Many of them have very high net worth and/or currently invest in real estate, so they likely are connected with many others who may be involved in RE as well. Between personal ties to the community, access to the MLS, and a support team through my brokerage with the RE specific experience I lack, I believe I'd be a good local contact in your multi family search! Let me know if you'd like to connect!


Would love to talk, let me know when is s good time. I own three property mngt offices, do turn key and own investment properties too

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