Mileage Tracking Apps

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What mileage tracking apps do you all use? Why do you like that particular app? Thanks in advance!

I use my odometer.  Every mile my stupid truck drives is business related   :)

But when I am in my car or on my bike and I have to track I use MileIQ.  Works well and I know my cpa prefers that app over all other systems. 

I really like using Stride. It also lets me track other expenses like advertising and supplies too.

I use Mile Logger and I am real happy with it. Easy to use.

I've been using Mileiq.  As a CPA, I get it for free and I can get others a discount code.  I like the reporting features and customization of it.

But it's been a bit glitchy lately and the Drive Detection hasn't been working 100%.  Not sure if it's the app or my phone.

As a backup, I use Google Timelines, but fair warning, it's a little creepy.  Google knows where I go, not just to the address, but also the businesses visited.  When I login, it says "It looks like you were at Home Depot!" and I'm always just a little unnerved by that.

It knows how long I was there and probably also knows who I was meeting with, what they were drinking and what color underwear I was wearing.  When you sync that with my expensify app, which knows about every dollar I spend on credit/debit cards, I'm fairly certain I can't get away with any crimes, ever.

Funny, I was coming on today to ask a question about this very topic and happened on this first.  

I'm considering TripLog just because it specifically states it can activate based on Bluetooth connection to a stereo or other specific in car device.  It's also much less expensive than MileIQ.

For expenses, I'm struggling because I don't have other expenses to track for my day job or operate any other businesses at the moment.  I also don't currently plan to try and manage multiple flips at the same time, so I'm wondering if an app as costly as Expensify is a good fit, or if there's something that works well at a lower price point?

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