Expired MLS listing calls

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I had a listing expire today and my phone has been flooded with calls. I don't usually sell but the house next door sold for a great price so i put a high price just to see. I didnt get the price so I just continued to rent it. Anyways how do I get my number off this list? Should I give the listing agent a bad number in the future so i dont have to deal with this crap again? Any help would be appreciated as this is infuriating.

On a side note do these calls ever work. I would like to believe they dont but my gut tells me agents wouldnt still do them if they didn't. I can somewhat understand calling first thing in the morning and hoping to get lucky, but its now the afternoon and Im still getting calls. Do these agents really think I'm going to pick the 50th one that calls??

@Dee Bowers

Over pricing the listing is the number one reason for an expired listing...

Numbers aren't on a "list." phone numbers are generally public record.

If you're renting, just tell agents that you've rented the property. The calls usually die down in a week or two.

You can also temporarily disable your phone number.

On a side note, yes. The calls work. 90% of expired listings relist. 70% with the first agent they speak with. Not everyone lists right away. Majority list within the first 2-3 weeks. The rest within the first 2-3 months. Sometimes people don't relist at all because of a change in circumstances.

@Dee Bowers If the MLS listing had your contact info on the listing, that may be what these agents are reading. You can ask the previous listing agent to remove the contact info from the MLS. If that's the case, also consider getting a google voice phone number for future listings (it's free).

There are websites out there that you can pay to get people's cell phones and personal emails based on address (does not work for all addresses). So even the above may not work completely.

One thing I would not do is tell them "Do not call me anymore" most telemarketing companies and really anyone who does telemarking as part of their business have to comply with the federal law. If you tell them not to call you and they do, they could be fined.

Someday, you may be trying to sell and they will not be able to call. Just tell them sorry, we are renting. It will die down soon.

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