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After much debate, I decided to get my real estate license. I will admit originally I primarily was motivated to obtain it to use for investment purposes and the various other ways you can utilize such an asset besides sales. However, after diving in to learn more about what selling real estate was all about I found the model incredibly fascinating. From commercial to residential I saw the power in actually using my license as an agent to build my network and funnel for deals. Along with a new career. Prior to this change, I was working in web development and software. 

I want to go all in. I'm freelancing for the transition, but want this to be my new career. So my question for the fantastic BP community is based on my situation. I have just signed with Keller Williams and am waiting for the state to issue my license. I'll be joining a team that is opening a brand new office near me. I feel I have a great opportunity to get started there with the team as they push into this area. Two of the agents in the team are big in the commercial and multifamily space for this market.

Is there a way I could predominantly niche myself into being more investor-oriented? Commercial? REO/Foreclosures?

What are some actionable things I should be doing right now? 

What would you do if you restarted? 

What educational resources would you recommend? 

What question should I have asked that I didn't?

On a side note, I talked with the team lead about working REO/Foreclosure properties. She said that she's been telling people on her team and from the main office that someone should specialize in it, but no one has and they don't work them too much. She thought it could be great for me to really push into that based on what I want to do and my background. I guess my last question is how would I position myself to dominate that market share. I've read about many people that do very well by doing just that.


There is so much to learn from the agent side. Are there any teams with successful team member agents in your area? If I was starting from scratch, I’d go work for the person/team that has the most successful agents that gives leads. 

@Zach Sikes Right. That's what I've set myself up with so far. The team I've joined is very successful and has a lot of experience with the assets that I'd like to work with. 

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