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Does anyone have a real estate investing company and a real estate agent website? I just got my license and am with a small brokerage. I'm struggling with how to brand myself going forward. I know i should brand myself, not the broker. Do most people just keep separate websites for their fixnflip company and separate personal agent website? I've seen many agents brand their names (, but I suppose my preference is to keep my company name and logo (since my website and social media presence are all done). I'd convey i'm an agent and investor, while simply mentioning i work for ABC Realty. Is this legal? Any advice is appreciated.


Your best approach is to see what other brokers in your company,  on your area and nationally  (in that order) are doing.

This also depends on your long term goals. Are you going to build a team under your current broker owner, or do you envision having your own shop.  Having done both, I'd be looking at my own shop, and would plan accordingly. Keep in mind, you will have to reinvest in the business on a regular basis. 

On the other hand one of the most successful real estate agents I know built his brand with local owner brokers of three national real estate franchises (C21, CB, and now KW). He always markets in his own name,  and (mostly, 99+%) follows the franchise rules. 

As far as I remember he never wanted to have to run an agency, he wanted to list and buy for his own account. I just checked, and accorinf to the website, he does all the listings, and has two buyers agents. The company handles all his infrastructure needs. He probably has an unlicensed assistant for paperwork, setting appointments and putting listings on the MLS.

Bottom line, follow the rules for your agency / designated broker and carefully think about what you want. 

Hope that helps. 

Good luck, 


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