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Hi all, I'm visiting Houston Texas on Tues/Wed next week 2/13/18 and 2/14/18 and am interested in meeting up with an agent to discuss the local market. I am coming to observe the area and see if it's somewhere I can see myself moving to. I work from home 50% and travel 50% and will be looking at neighborhoods around 15 minutes commute from IAH. Please let me know if you have any recommendations of quality and experienced agents in the area.



I would recommend the Trey Bunde who I have been working for 9 years. Very knowledgeable and most importantly patient.

Trey Bunde - profile on HAR http://www.har.com/trey-bunde/agent_TREYIII

May consider Eagle Springs, Fall Creek and Summerwood, & The Groves communities. All within 15 mins of IAH. I will PM you info for a recommended agent.

@Clayton Loden I would be glad to meet with you about your needs.  If you're looking for something close to IAH your best bet is the Kenswick area of Humble. It's just off 1960 and 59 and very close to IAH. PM me if you would like to connect.

Hey @Clayton Loden...  @Sharon Tzib is definitely the way to go.  Very well known and investor friendly here in Houston.  Hands down... The Best!

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