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I am new to real estate investing and in the preliminary stages of starting a real estate investment company. I will like to learn more about the local market and about different areas to invest in. I am meeting with a local real estate agent in the next couple days and would like to be prepared for our meeting. Any suggestions on the type of questions I should ask while at this meeting and how will I know if the agent would be a good fit for real estate investing?

@Juan S. - the questions you want to ask will depend on your goals and the areas you want to invest in. As an example, if the agent you are meeting with specializes in vacation rentals around Disney and you want to invest in SFR, I would skip the meeting. Or say the agent specialized in high end homes that are in the $700k+ range and you want to target SFR rentals that are around $200k, it might not be a good fit.

Determine what your criteria is, then ask the agent about their business and see if they align. I also don't waste my time or the agent's time with an in person meeting for this. I can get this background info from their website and via a quick email.

My thoughts to add: Know your investment strategy before the meeting. Know what you need/don’t need from an agent, and be ready to communicate that. Ask the agent what they would want/expect from you in a long-term business relationship. Find out if the agent invests, or is at least educated in the REI world and investor-friendly, so that you can speak the same language. Talk through the agent’s business model to make sure it aligns with your strategy.. ie commissions, finding deals, etc.
If you choose to go ahead and meet, just be straight with your intentions, your financial positioning, your price point, your timeframe to purchase, etc. and get to know the agent as a person, not just a transaction. Good luck!

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