Looking for an Agent that specializes in Multi family -Resident.

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Hey everyone! I am looking to check out some multi-family properties in the Los Angeles Area. My goal is to look at 50+ ppty and put in an offer for at least 2 by the end of March. If anyone is or knows an agent that specializes in multi-family residential please send them my way! 

Be Great <3

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Hi Stephanie. I don’t currently specialize in multi-family but I would like to! Let’s connect and chat about what you’re looking for, wanting to spend, ROI, etc.

I have the perfect Los Angeles agent for you that understands the multi-family market very well and has great connections throughout the investment community. He has been working since 2002 and focuses his time on multifamily properties. It is difficult to find someone with a specialization in this asset class, but that is his focus and what he has based his business on. His name is Sami Dinar and I can send his contact info if you PM me. 

Hi, I'm looking for Multi's as well, but I have to work with NACA realtors since I'm doing a NACA loan.. might anyone be NACA certified and know about multi families? My realtor knows less than I do which is terrifying!

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