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We are excited new investors actively seeking motivated individuals to assist us in meeting our 2018 investment goals.

We are focusing in Reno, NV. and Central Valley, CA. right now but will definitely expand from there once we get a deal or two under our belts.

We already have great Real Estate Agents/Brokers and a couple outstanding financing options but; need to complete the team! We are looking for the following:

  • Tax Attorney
  • Contractor
  • Property Manager
  • Partners on individual deals
  • Private money lenders

To learn more about us, please check out our business plan. It is uploaded here on the BP “FilePlace” or simple follow this link;

Hello Dustin,

I'm here in the Central Valley area and could help out with some of those things. In addition to being a realtor, I'm also a project manager with 5-6 GC's working for me and do some wholesaling on the side and would love to partner on some deals. Feel free to contact me.