Looking for a realtor in Zephyrhills, FL

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I a just getting into real estate investing, but so I am looking for two things. One is a realtor that can help me find investor properties in Florida, and the second thing is I am looking for a realtor to help me find a new home to buy in the country near Zephyrhills, FL. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


Hey William, 

Noticed that no one responded yet to your post. 

I have a big network/access to fantastic Realtors nationwide. Let me know if you'd like me to recommend some people and I'll PM you :)

William if you are still looking for realtors, let me know I work in Wesley Chapel, and know a bunch of realtors that could be of help to you. 

Hello William,

I'm a real estate broker in Zephyrhills and we own/operate investment property as well.  There are a number of things affecting our market that will impact your investment decision making process.  It's important to review your investment goals, expected returns and hold time, etc.  We're in an extremely tight market at the moment.  

What are you trying to accomplish?  Buy & hold, flip, rehab and rent, etc?   

We can talk about it and see if we're the right fit for what you're trying to do.  Have a good one!

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