Which Managing Broker to choose as a New Agent in Chicago suburb

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Hi Everyone!!

My Name is Muhammad and I just passed the Real estate broker exam last week in Illinois. Very excited to start this new chapter in my life, I will be working as a part time realtor for now. 

I am trying to find a broker who provides good training for new agents which will fit my part time schedule (After 4 pm and weekends). I have seen some brokers asking for monthly fees for office space and some asking for a pretty hefty commission split. Although commission is not everything, I am trying to find something reasonable. 

I have so far looked at Exp Realty,  Keller Williams, Baird & Warner (Interviewing with them soon). Kale Realty & HomeTown Realty seems like something suitable for experience agents as they offer a 100% commission split but not much training.

I am located in Northwest suburbs of Chicago and looking for something locally. I was trying to see if anyone here went through this recently? any help is much appreciated.


@Muhammad Khan congratulations on getting your license. Are you planning on working with investors, or with traditional buyers and sellers? This makes a big difference as many of the big "brands" have no training that will help you understand how to figure out a cap rate or cash on cash returns. I chose to work with the brokerage I am with because I work with a team that understands investing. Most of my business in the Berwyn/Brookfield area is with investors, and working with a bigger named brokerage wouldn't help me much. That might not be the case though if I was going the traditional route. 

@John Warren Thanks for the reply, starting off I will be working with traditional buyers and sellers.  I have set up  interviews with Baird & Warner and Keller Williams to see what they can offer. 

Heard good things about D Aprile's training. 

Thanks Account Closed I will check it out. 

Hello @John Warren

I am currently looking at obtaining my first multifamily property this year and have been looking in the Chicago market.

Would love to connect and potentially work together!

@Muhammad Khan I joined KW because of the training they provide. Did you meet with them already? 

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