I just opened a real estate brokerage!

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I have not posted on here much as I have been super busy lately. But, I have reached a few major goals this year already. One of those goals was starting my own real estate brokerage. 

On Friday we opened Blue Steel Real Estate. I had been at Pro Realty In Greeley Co for 15 plus years. My team and I moved over a little quicker than  planned, but it has been super fun and exciting. It all started when I bought a 68k square foot commercial property with a partner. The space had two vacant units. I decided to start a brokerage in one of those spaces. I was then asked to leave my current brokerage a little early so we moved into the other vacant unit until the permanent location is renovated. 

The name came from my blue Lambo and Lotus, my love for Zoolander, and my love for blue polo's. It fits me perfect. It has been a bit stressful, but really exciting as well. We have 4,500 square feet in our new space and I plan to make it awesome. 

I have a ton of videos articles and pictures on my blog if anyone is interested. I also want to start up an investor meetup and maybe even a cars and coffee soon.  

@Mark Ferguson Congratulations on your new venture!

Congratulations Mark! 

And I think it would be great to have a local investor meetup.

Congratulations!  Good luck with your new venture.

Thanks for sharing your wins with us! I love the name ☺️

Nice Mark! Cars and coffee.. I want to see this happen!

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