To be or not to be. A real estate agent.

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I am turning 30 this year and I am at a crossroad in my life. I have a well paying job working on the road sometimes 45 days straight 7 days a week with no idea of if or when I will be going home. it's been very time demanding to the extreme of barely being able to listen to podcasts, read, or even research and analyze possible leads. I sleep in my own bed maybe 50 nights a year. Even long distance REI in not practical because I work long 10-12 hour days and have just enough time to eat and sleep and do it all over again. I was able to complete a successful house hack BRRR over the course of almost 3 years. So I plan on going back to school to get a job that would be more convenient to have a family and more free time for REI. Before doing so I have been thinking about getting my RE license to assist with deals and immerse myself the market. I am also process of forming a team and an agent would be a good pillar of that team. Is there any objections or reasons why I shouldn't get my license???? I live in SW Florida in-between St-pete and Sarasota. Thank you for time. Sage House hack BRRR was a 5 bed 3 bath SFH. I paid 169k I put 49k down and about 30k into it in August 2015. Appraised at 250k took 80% paid off my private lender and got all cash back out. 300 a month positive cash flow. Now I need to repeat!!!

Get licensed. You will then have more opportunities to buy or list properties. When a great deal comes along, buy it. When a FMV deal comes along list it.

The biggest reason "not to" would be costs. Cost of training, cost of "hanging" your license at a brokerage, then yearly costs of E&O, continuing ed, and licensing fees. Generally the hanging is the most expensive part, but you can find low-cost brokerages if you search. If not careful, though, it could eat up that $300/mo positive cash flow.

Other than that, I can't think of a reason to not do so. Having it might also open additional opportunities to you, as @John Thedford mentions. That could certainly offset all the associated costs, and more.