NYC specific - Direct Mail - checking no mail list

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Hey BP, I just came back from a class regarding the MLS specifically in Brooklyn. Towards the end we were shown how to search a large address list and export labels for direct mailing. Then we were told a story about a realtor who hired a company for direct mail, one of the people who received hos postcard contacted the DOS and he was fined $1,800 for sending it to a house that was on the no soliciting list. My question is, is there a free service to search eho is on this “no mail” list? They showed us the no call list website but it did not have the no mail members. Has anyone dealt with something similar? I personally cannot believe how some people are so irritated that they actually go through with complaining instead of just throwing it out. Thanks!

It is illegal to mail a solicitation of a real estate listing to homeowners that opt-in to the cease and desist list in certain parts of Queens and the Bronx. The lists are updated monthly and can be found on the NY DOS website. Search cease and desist list. I'm pretty sure Brooklyn is not included and the Brooklyn MLS doesn't have that many listings in the other boroughs.

@Jason Lee found it. Thank you. Cease and desist list is the proper name for it.

What are your thoughts on an introduction mailer with a spotlight on a local business in the neighborhood per say. No listings or asking to sell or buy a property?