Possible to be a realtor at 19?

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Hey everyone hope you guys are having a happy Thursday!

So I am 19 looking to get into real estate and become a realtor and in the future a realtor turned investor but of course that is down the road. As I am looking to become an agent I just am seeking some advice tips on what to do starting off and hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction. No I am not asking for a step by step guideline on what to do so please refrain from the "Go do your research and come back" replies haha. I am just looking forward to y'alls tips and advice. I am in the Houston area, I was told joining some realtor associations, get cool with some and learn from the best. 

Have you guys seen any young people kill the game? I am a genius at marketing wether it being facebook ads or building my own identity so I am not to worried about the market aspect more so the actual real estate aspect. So if you guys could point out some few tips and help me out a bit I would love to hear y'alls responses. Also if you may know anyone in the Houston area I can talk to and pick their pockets haha. 

Thanks everyone!

@Andrew Daaboul  It is great that you are thinking of becoming an agent at such a young age. I wish I would have started sooner but better late than never. Your biggest issue will be your first couple years. Most agents (not all) really rely heavily on their friends and family for the first few sales in the first year. I only sold 3 properties in my first 12 months and made a whole $9,000 before taxes. Most people don't start buying their first houses until they are mid to upper 20's so you won't get that benefit for some years. Your best bet is going to be getting yourself out there and making cold calls. I would save the money on marketing and get yourself out there (see blog post link below).  Host open houses for other agents in your brokerage and take any referral or lead you get in the beginning regardless of how terrible it is. I once had a lead on someone who wanted to buy a $50K house. They dragged me around for 6 months looking at houses but were so happy I stuck with them that they have now referred me to over 7 other people that all have been great clients. The beginning is rough but if you can hold out its worth it in the end. 


Hi Andrew!

I agree with @Jake Thomas I wish I had started my career earlier too. There is no reason someone your age and tenacity cannot thrive in this game. When some find a problem find an opportunity, right?? You have tons of friends your age who have PARENTS, and those parents need to sell and/or buy. Use that database! Since you are good at social media marketing, if you want, we may be able to work together. I am willing to trade knowledge for knowledge. If you can help me with my social media I can do the same in real estate agency.  

Just about Every realtor I know in my area is barely making a living . They don’t get much commission and it’s very difficult to build a report in the area without a network when your getting started . Maybe your area is better . That isnt to say there aren’t young guys killing it in big cities but for that is one career I don’t think I’d get involved with . I’d try to get a technical high paying job and dump my extra w2 money into real estate deals instead