What was your longest showing?

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Hey BP,

Just got done with a 3-HOUR showing (wow!). Longest showing I've ever done but I figured there were others with worse experiences so with that said...what was your longest showing? :P

Hi Chang,

A 3-hour single showing? Never had one go that long.  Longest showing I've had was approximately an hour.  If you couple in an inspection then sure, 3 hours isn't out of the realm.  But never a 3-hour single showing.  Kudos for making it through! 

@Chang Hee Lee I've had a couple of investor showings of MFRs go 2 hours.  For retail buyers I don't think I've ever gone over an hour.

How in the world did you go 3 hours??  And congrats for toughing that out - I hope you get the sale!

@Ken Konecny It was just a regular single family in town. Apparently the buyer is from New York though but even other out-of-state individuals I've shown houses to in the past for didn't even take half that time so I was shocked. Thought they wanted to stay the night for a second.