Looking for Real Estate Agent in Georgia

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Hello BP community,

I'm looking for an investor-friendly real estate agent based around Atlanta, GA who can help me find my investment properties (turnkey, buy & hold strategy, not interested in rehab or big remodeling, little remodeling ok). I am currently looking for single family, townhomes, or condos under $100K in the Stone Mountain, Lithonia, Norcross, Tucker, or broader Atlanta area (ideally like to purchase 2 under $80K), will be using conventional financing with 20% down, may put more down if necessary and if the cash flow make sense (but would rather not use all-cash).

I’d really like to work with someone who has some experience with or is interested in working with investors, and has great contacts (be able to show me off market properties). I need the agent to understand that my primary goal is cash flow and will have good market knowledge on which markets can give me the most value from a rental perspective. 

Please feel free to reach out if you are a real estate agent interested in working with me or is an experienced investor who can give me some recommendations! I have already started building out a list with potential properties to call on; this list also includes cash flow calculations, my criteria, and my list of questions that I want to find out about the properties. I’d like to share this list with and hope to have the agent build to the list and make calls to the properties. 

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you guys!