Transaction Broker vs. Dual Agency -- FLORIDA

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I contacted a real estate agent in my area and told her I was interested in buying property and needed an agent.  We discussed the preliminary details of what I'm looking for in a home, and she immediately recommended that I look at a "great property" which she is aware of.  Several hour later, I looked at the property on Zillow and learned that the agent I spoke with is also the Listing Agent for this property.

I presume there's some legal way for this agent to represent both me and the seller in this deal (either via dual agency or as a transactional broker).  However, does this raise red flags for anyone else with regard to ethical conflicts of interest?  And even presuming there is no ethical conflict of interest, does this sound like I'm about to get taken to the cleaners?

I'm concerned that because this agent has already been named as the Listing Agent for this property, she cannot in any meaningful sense represent me as the buyer in this deal because she has already made a commitment to the seller to sell the home for the highest price she can, as quickly as possible.

Transaction broker is the default form of representation. They are not representing either party--they are representing the transaction.