Why get a real estate license?

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I’m currently trying to decide on whether i want to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of TN or not. Is it a good decision for someone looking to potentially become a full time real estate investor? What advice would you give on whether or not i should get licensed? I’ve been wholesaling for about 6 months now, and I’m just looking for ways to increase my network and take my real estate journey to the next level. Is it really worth it? Thanks in advance, Rozelle Wilson

Do you have a full time job now? Being an agent can be good supplemental income on the side if you do through commissions. I got my license and have been happy with my decision. I help out clients part time (usually investors become I enjoy investing so much), but 3-6 single family homes per trade for rentals and get to look at homes on the market at will. My commissions have more than paid for then license and allowed me to spend a little more on deals than I normally would have since I get to factor in the commissions. It’s all about what you will use it for I think.