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Looking for some advice or tips on my current property that’s listed. It’s been about 45 days with 18 showings but no offers. My listing agent is not too familiar with oaklyn area. So I though to reach out to other agents and investors to get their advice. So far I planned to drop price again along with adding in home warranty and buyer agent bonus. And based on feedback from open houses, I’m adding in additional pantry cabinets, for more storage. Any advice to help sell quicker or if this is typical for oaklyn area please let me know. https://www.redfin.com/NJ/Oaklyn/19-W-Haddon-Ave-08107/home/36263608

Does that include open house attendance? If so, that's not that many showings in the first 45 days. That probably means price is an issue. You can look at closed comps whether you're from the area or not. Is your pricing in line with recent sales and in contracts? Aside from that, yes you could use more kitchen cabinetry. Perhaps a pantry next to the fridge and cabinets above to give it a built in look. It looks lonely there. How about professional photography? I think great photos are one of the most important aspects of marketing. Turn the lights on, put the toilet seat down, pick up the random stuff on the basement floor. That's a pretty inexpensive fix and should at the very least bring in more buyers.

Thanks Jason
No that’s just the showings, I get about 2-4 showings each week. I got cabinets coming, along with a professional photographer. Hoping to get this done by Monday, along with an adjusted price.

Would u suggestion I mention the recent appraisal? Or about the new price in the descriptions?

I plan to have them redo the description as well.

Thanks again for the help Jason