Whats going on team,

I'm looking for realtors/agents that don't mind dealing with investors. Less experienced investors preferably. I'm not totally green to the process so don't be alarmed, I just need assistance with the search as I work a fulltime gig during the days Mon-Fri.  My places of focus are PG county, Arundle county, and possibly DC if the deals right.

The criteria I'm looking for is going to typically be single family homes with 3 beds, 2 baths and a minimum of 20% equity in them with the goal of fix and flip, buy n hold, and wholesaling if needed. I probably don't have to mention No "war zones" please. I prefer off market deals, but open to any deals I can get creative with. I have a decent list of Lenders, buyers and other associates set to go so don't worry about the alphabets ( POFs or EMD's)

So yeah,  feel free to contact me for more info (or provide your info) and hopefully we can start getting these deals done!