I want to work with landlords ONLY

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I've been looking at all my business over the years and have reached the conclusion that my best clients, by far, have been landlords.

I already have a real estate investor's networking group (it's mine) and I'm looking for unique ideas on how to target landlords considering selling.  

Any interesting ideas? 

Try looking at your assessor's website. For my parish (county) I can go onto the assessor's website and locate all of the properties that:  1. have a home on it  2. the property address and mailing address are different and 3. there is no homestead exemption for that property. If all of the above then there is a very good chance that the property is a rental and you can send a letter to owner by the mailing address . That is if you want to do a blanket mailing. If you stick with mainly multi family properties you could contact the owners for all of those and they are very likely landlords.