Real estate online course

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Hi everyone, I'm planning to become a real estate agent and I can't decide which online school to go to. I'm thinking Brightwood but there are some negative comments about their course. I need help!

@Romela Jover I always recommend kaplan if it is available in your state. I used them in 2 different states and passed the tests on the first attempt. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions that need to be answered 

I used Real Estate Express for Florida. I was satisfied with their course. I especially like the webinars that they do. It is a good opportunity to ask questions, including stuff that's not in the coursework. 

I am in KS and I used real estate express; finished in less than a week took the test immediately and had my license in less than a month after starting the course.

If you do all the training you should be good to go on your test.