Lead Generation (New Agent Advice)

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Are there any other agents in your office doing LOTS of deals? How are they getting leads?  We have a few agents in our office that are using Zillow, Ylopo, Trulia and a few other online lead gen methods.  They weren't able to get to all of the leads so they are handing them off to me, for a commission split.  Ask around, maybe other agents have more than they can handle!

Gotcha! Good luck! I think Zillow can get pretty costly if you're a premier agent. Do you have MLS access yet? Get on those hot sheets every morning looking at the Expired listings. Figure out why they didn't sell, usually terrible photos!, and go knocking!

One guy in our office just goes down the list of his facebook friends that were recently active on messenger and sends them a message getting in touch and letting them know what you're up to.

All the ideas listed here are great tried and true methods. However, some are very time consuming and produce limited results or can be expensive.

Now this might not be for you, but there is a far better way to reach this people relentlessly month after month until they are ready to sell. Plus the same platform can put you in front of BUYERS before your competition even knows they exist, poach clients from THEIR open houses, put you in front of people who visit websites like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor, etc. (even when they don't fill out a contact form) as well as visitors to your competitors. If you want more details to see if you are a good fit for the program, let me know and we can set up a phone call to discuss.

@Dale Ferrell In my opinion the best lead program is the one that your current budget can afford consistently.  For example you never start a direct mail campaign if you do not have the budget to do it for several mailings regardless of the results (starting out). 

The best lead programs are the ones that you do over and over again that get consistent results.  In other words, with any lead program think long term not short term.

@David Wright All of that is true. At the same time you must decide how best to spend that limited budget and to leverage it as best you can along with leveraging your time. Now I am not saying that EDDM, Cold Calling, or other methods aren't useful but there are ways to enhance those methods, reduce waste, and improve your ROI. Your message is useless if it's not seen or is not relevant. That's the problem with EDDM, radio, TV, Billboards, etc. It's a shotgun approach where most of your money is wasted.

Now on the buyer side, targeted marketing allows you to identify those that have expressed an intent to purchase and to focus your campaign. On the seller side, relentlessly putting you brand in front of them month after month will put you top of mind when they are ready to list. This allows you to use your marketing budget in a very efficient way. You can still use direct mail, phone calls, in person visits, etc., to deliver a long form message but at least at that point you have an interested buyer/seller that is ready to listen to your message.