Seeking investor friendly agent near Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Hi @Mia Trasolini,

Welcome to BP?

Some Questions first to identify a good agent.

Are you Out of State?

What type of Property are you Looking For?

South Jersey is Pretty Big - From Philly Border to South Jersey Shoreline to Central Jersey Border (Exit 8)

Are you Prequalified?

 * For How Much, Etc.

I think narrowing the fish net would better identify someone to work with you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Regards Joe Scorese

Good morning and welcome to BP, depending on what you're looking for, I may or may not be able to help out. If you're looking for an agent that knows the foreclosure transaction process like the back of his hand and can offer you BPO/CMA (both essentially to help determine the ARV), then we should talk; our office actually works for Fannie Mae and we list quite a number of their homes in South Jersey. Check out my Zillow profile for a better idea of my track record.