Auto Dialers yes or no?

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Auto dialer works great. This is a numbers game and you can reach a lot more people this way. You can track your metrics with the dialer. It is not a magic pill though. The money is in the follow up.

@Mahan Shahverdi I'm personally using the RedX for leads and using their dialer. They had a great deal on 6 months of leads for 10% off plus waived $150 setup fee. I'm using their single line dialer for $100/mo. They have a triple I may upgrade to for $50 more but I'm only about 500 calls in and still working to carve out consistent time and get more efficient at the noting and classifying of calls in between, my biggest time waster currently. I'm using GeoLeads to farm based on pending listings and areas of interest for my investor buyers (finding locations that serve both, lower end homes may be deals, higher end would be quick sale first time home buyer type houses). They also have packages for FSBO, expireds, for rent by owner (finding tired landlords!) And maybe a few others. I like that my leads come from the same platform as my dialer. It has a built in CRM called vortex that I track all my call leads with. I don't want to overfill my regular crm with call leads that aren't as warm as leads I've found through other ways.
I failed to say my 6 months of Geo leads caps at 2000/month, $0.12 per lead over 2000 and I paid $270 for 6 months with above mentioned discount. Working toward 500 calls per week.
@Riley Truitt while I wasn't the OP of this thread and my reply was from six months ago, I'll still entertain your question assuming you're not just trolling. Unsolicited calls are not illegal in a blanket sense, if you believe they are then you likely spend a lot of time threatening every solicitor who calls you with federal jail time. Most good auto dialers scrub numbers against the do not call registry, so no laws have been broken. Furthermore the scripts I used were conversational and friendly, adding value to those I called even if they weren't interested in selling. Whether or not I still utilize cold calling is beside the point.... I suggest you try to find value in these forums, as they are a literal gold mine, rather than digging up old threads to try and stand on your soap box. It won't get you too far in life. I'm not going to put my career on the line to try to sleaze my way to illegal leads. Carry on...

@Russell Holmes , I appreciate you taking the time to reply, and not taking offense. I can see how I came across as soap-boxy, but there's no reason to assume I threaten anyone who calls - most callers are just keeping a job of their own, and what would be the point?

I came across this thread while wondering who in the field is using autodialers, and to see the perspective of people using them. I've recently become inundated with calls for offers to purchase a property (none of my properties are currently for sale), and as a recipient, I find them to be an equal nuisance whether the call is a robot, scripted friendly message, or straight-to-voicemail. However, it's easy to see the appeal when you're able to reach such a large number of potential leads for just a few hundred dollars a month, and I don't mean to undermine the help you're providing to other members. 

@Riley Truitt My apologies if I came off a bit harsh.  I noticed that you hadn't posted elsewhere and had very little info on your profile. Oftentimes when someone who has very little info makes their first post to tell someone what they do is illegal etc they go on to do the same on multiple threads before getting called out on it and kicked off.  It often pops up on older threads because they search out specific topics to blast off their two cents to as many threads as they can before moderators pick up on it and kick them off. But in honest cases of searching out an interest like you did before getting around to filling in your profile, I falsely assumed "troll".  My bad!  

I did some cold calling for awhile and may again at some point in the future, but I'm having better success and enjoying hustling for leads in more organic day-to-day networking and conversation.  I'm on the road a lot around town with a service business I also run as I phase out of it, so I'm around people constantly who I talk with and rarely home with an hour to kill to call people I'm not in front of.  I've usually got plenty of research/communication to handle with my buyers and sellers when I do sit down in front of the computer.    Cold calling definitely works to grind out some leads, and if someone did 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week  for a few months, momentum and sales would be built.  But I will say it's not my best use of my time.