Finding a Real Estate Investment Partner

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At this point I am looking to take real estate investing to the next step and have some extra capital to continue to build out my investments. The problem is that I currently enjoy my full-time career, which is not real estate related, and would rather focus most of my time and effort here. My skill set would be good at valuing deals and financing. I would be less interested in finding deals, running day to day operations, etc. If you have been able to form a successful real estate partnership in the past where you are (or close to) a passive partner - how did you find the right partner? How do you inventivize that partner to find deals for you/them? Thank you

Hey Darin,

I'd start first by your inner circle, coworkers, friends, family etc. Tell everyone you talk to what you're looking and that you want to start real estate investing. You never know who's interested, knows somebody interested, or involved in it already.

I would also start attending local meetups and REIA's. They are great for networking and you'll meet a lot of like minded people there. You can find some here on BP by going to

That said, I would choose your partners wisely and don't rush into just partnering with anyone. Make sure there's a good relationship and trust with the person, almost like a marriage =D.

Hope this helps!


@Darin Young ; smart move. You focus energy on growing your first flow of income. You'll need a lot of cash to funnel in to income property.

If you're qualified and have cash to deploy; syndication is likely a good option. As long as you connect with good sponsors you'll have access to deal flow that provides truly passive income and capital appreciation in a tax efficient vehicle.

One final suggestion: if you go this route evaluate/underwrite a ton of deals before you participate.

Happy Hunting Darin!

@Darin Young as others have said networking is key. If you are accredited then you'll be able to receive marketing packages from sponsors and view them online through website like Realtyshares. If you are not you'll have to build relationships with folks who are putting together deals or might want you to be the money side of flips or BRRRR deals. I'm an RE investor just putting together my first syndication. I can tell you that the folks who will invest I met through meetup groups, my realtor, or they are friends from prior to me getting into RE.

You certainly need to spend time learning how to check someone's math, don't necessarily take their word for it. Always ask plenty of questions. I think you are wise to get started on the passive side. As you watch what others do you can always get into it if you decide you love it. If not, you can get a lot of the benefits without doing much during the project. Your work will be at the beginning, being careful with your money. 

Finding qualified partners is a great plan.  I’m a Realtor with three flips under my belt.  Let me know if you’re Interested in working in the SC area.  There is opportunity here.