tenant broke my supra box and called police

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Hello all,

I have recently listed a house in stone mountain Ga. There are currently tenants in the property who agreed to let me take pictures excluding her bedroom. I took pictures of the entire house intending on keeping her bedroom picture for prospective buyers who inquired about the house. to make a long story short she was pissed about the pictures and is now claiming I had to right to enter the house. Even though I have text documenting her giving me an ok to go. Also, her son let me in the house!!

She has now taken my supra lockbox off of the door, made a police complaint and is trying to file a complaint to the NAR.

Has anyone dealt with tenants like this?? Are any of her complaints legit?

@Sean Hayes the short answer is no. I would make sure to talk to the owner quite a bit and have the owner be more involved in things like photography days, etc. Tenants are almost always unhappy that a place is being sold as they will either be kicked out or their rent will go up. I am dealing with this on a listing now, and my strategy is to keep the owner involved as much as possible. 

At the end of the day, you will sell the place. Just keep over communicating. You may need to deliver 24 or 48 hour notices to enter, etc so you have the right to show the place. 

Just had a situation like this as well. Owner offered the tenant a slight discount in rent for allowing the showings. He still gave us a hard time. Only gave us 3 four hour windows to show the house. Definitely over communicating with the tenant and owner is key. We also gave him a nest camera so that he could see who was in the home when they came in.

We got a contract on the house and the tenant is in the process of moving out. The owner allowed him to break the lease in order to sell to an owner occupant. NJ is extremely tenant friendly but you have the right to show the house with reasonable notice. Good luck.