Realtor and Investor - South Bend, Indiana

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Hey all. I've been around bigger pockets for about a year learning as much as I could about investing in real estate. Early this year, I made the decision to get my agent's license and joined a brokerage in South Bend, Indiana. As I work to to build my real estate business and portfolio, I've decided to become a more active part of the biggerpockets forum community. 

Listening to the podcasts and reading through the forums and blog posts, I found that there was a real disconnect between investors and agents. It was with that in mind that I decided that it would be a good move to get my license, if nothing else to better understand the industry. As I got going, I decided that I wanted to be the "investor's agent" in my area and would love to get connected with some area investors and find how I can add value to your business. 

In a effort to potentially get a little discussion going here and hopefully interact with a few locals, I'd like to start off by asking you all what characteristics, traits, or attributes do you find to be most important when looking for an agent to be a resource to your business? What frustrations have you ran into in regards to working with agents in your area? Any other advice you might have for me?

Thanks everyone! 

Hi Bryan,  Like all professions, most realtors are just mailing it in so comps are generic and not in my opinion better than my looking at sold houses on Zillow.  I have only met one realtor in the area who suggested and alternative to a normal retail sale here.  Most are cookie cutter people and repeat and I don't blame them as they can make a good living doing it.  We have used the more creative realtor to sell  hour houses in the last year.  The rest don't really have a unique value proposition as far as I can tell.

So traits that are most important?  Creativity, ability to see beyond the current problems of a property and some desire to find houses I am interested in rather than pitching me houses outside of the range I buy in.

I am going to send a connection request to you so we can connect if that works for you.

Good luck