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 I am relatively a new realtor. Can anyone recommend a good brokerage to work for in the Chicagoland area that specializes in working with investors / real estate investments?  Whether it is flipping / rentals / multifamily etc. 

Going the traditional route when it comes showing first time home buyers a house to purchase isn't for me. If anyone can advise that would be great.


I am not a realtor but I think the office, where you're going to be associated with, is going to play a big part.

I've seen agents that focus on investing from the larger brokerage such as Remax, B&W, KW etc. I've dealt with Chase realty and iCandy as well. 

I suggest you to network around, and find one that is able to support you and your goals. 

Hi Adeel,

I'm an "in-house" sales guy for a mid/large sized development and management company and absolutely love using my experience helping clients invest as well. I don't think you (or anyone) should pick based on the brokerage but rather the broker's experience investing. Will send you a direct message but either way welcome to the community and best of luck on your journey!