Are "Property Scouts" a viable intro to the Real Esate industry?

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Good afternoon everyone. As I have stated before in my initial request to join BP, I am a real estate novice looking to increase my knowledge in the business. My wife and I are working on becoming licensed real estate agents at the moment. In the mean time, I need some advice on a possible intro to the industry. I discovered a Craigslist ad from RX Marketing and Holdings LLC based out of CA. They specialize in Wholesale real estate and are looking to hire Property Scouts for vacant homes. They will pay around $5-$10 for qualified findings and will pay min. $500 after the acquisition of the property. What are your thoughts? Is this a "GO" or a "NO-GO"? Thanks in advance.
@Anthony Brown . You're not going to make money fast at $5-10 per lead. Unless these companies are going to also train you on what to do with the leads, you're just earning a very low wage to make someone else rich. Why don't you do the scouting but keep the leads and work them yourself?


@Anthony Brown   It all depends on what type of investing you think you want to get into? Do you already have an idea? If not, I'd recommend checking out some of the existing content on getting started, e.g.

You may need to be a pro member to get that video, but if you just google the title (How a Newbie Can Start Building Wealth Through Real Estate) you'll find good content elsewhere on the web and even more here on BP. There are just so many different ways to go about it that once you start to discover them all, your head will want to explode :)  You'll probably change your mind a few times, and that's okay. Take some time to soak up knowledge, but don't let education be an artificial roadblock for you either.