One or two Commercial RE Brokers

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Hello everyone,

I have two commercial properties (one retails shop and the other an office warehouse) that I need to lease. My question is, should I give it to just one broker or should I get a broker for each property? They are in the same Albuquerque market.  My preference is two so I can test two brokers and from then one work with the one that performs.  Any thoughts?

@Eddie Quispe Personally, I recommend you select one of the two for both properties and go with him/her. If it turns out that you are not happy with performance down the road then switch. With the right person, you will get 10 times more loyalty and dedication when you reciprocate if that makes sense. Having said that, the only way it would make sense to hire more than one agent would be if one has a niche in retail and the other in office.

@Lucy Hilton I didn't think about the specialization, you are right there are agents that are specialized on a specific property category and have a specific niche. So the questions is not performance but what can a broker do with the right product.  Thanks for the feedback!!