Looking to Connect with Mobile Home Park Real Estate Agent

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Happy Friday All! I am looking to connect with a Mobile Home Park Real Estate Agent in Tennessee, Michigan, Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Mexico or Oregon. Any leads would be sincerely appreciated! Thank you in advance, Aziza Sackett

Hi Aziza,

@Aziza Sackett  I’m looking at mobile home park deals in the southeast right now.  I’ve noticed the larger deals are from brokers and the smaller deals are listed by agents.  I’m looking for 20+ units, <800k.  I’d be interested in knowing your criteria and thoughts around market selection?  


Hi @Brandon Brown , It is a pleasure to connect with another Mobile Home Park investor. Let's connect and talk; it would be great to speak with you about my criteria and my thoughts on the market selection. I have been in communication with Mobile Home Park lenders out here in Los Angeles, but I am working on connecting with MHP Brokers.. as I have not had success connecting with the MHP Listing Agents