How as a Rehabber to Network with Agents

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I'm a local flipper in SLC, UT who is looking to do deal in 3 different counties in Utah.  I've gotten a few deals for one of my favorite realtors but would like to continue to network and expand my relationship to many more agents.  

Currently we work with the following guidelines when it comes with agents no agent exclusive agreement for a time frame but if a property is shown to me I will use them as a listing agent (this is the exclusive agreement) and if the agent points something out to me that is one the MLS, the first agent to email me it (not hotsheet it) will represent me. If we put in an offer that is the price we are sticking with unless something huge is discovered in inspection. Last inspection on a property the furnances needed to be replaced (we didn't go to renegociate we kept with the current price)

Please correct me if I'm wrong and that policy turns off agents.  What is the best way to network with agents them.  Some ideas off the top of my head is: Meeting them at REIAs, emailing them if they've done work in an area I like, talking with them over coffee/lunch, and possible presenting at brokerages.  Which method do you like best the build a relationship with a rehabber?

Communication is the key - build a relationship with a realtor and if they are worth anything, they will realize what works for you.  We are here to work with you.  If the situation doesn't work for everyone then its not a good situation.   With that being said, we put in a lot of work prior to ever getting you to the point of finding that real property.  This is why we often ask for the exclusive - if I knew ahead of time you didn't want one them it would be understood.